There are 6 don’ts if you want success

Every body wants great success , and I tell you what every body can achieve it by the power given to man by his LORD ALLAH KAREEM…

Believe has the power to move the mountain…

ok the six points ,,,here they are don’t do it…

1).Stopping-don’t quit what is your intuition.what your heart says .feel the fear and do it.

2).Avoiding-don’t avoid hard tasks finish it first.

3).Complain-don’t complain take full responsibility of your life.only you are responsible where are you in life.

4).Listening-don’t listen every body have your own flow, but one thing differentiate between hatters and feedback’s.

5).Compare-don’t compare yourself to others you are unique in every way .

6).Bad Health-don’t be in a bad health .Take good care of yourself

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